Hello and welcome to all

March 14th - 15th 2020 (Possibilities to stay on 13th Evening)

For the smooth running of our ceremony, I will ask you to read this chapter completely and carefully until the end;) You will find here all the information you need. Understand that it is fundamental to respect all the rules put in place for the well-being of our group therapy. By agreeing to participate in our ceremony, you agree to accept all of our conditions without concession. The set framework and the rules of conduct are there so that everything goes perfectly well for you and for others. Failure to respect them can very deeply ruin and break everyone’s introspective work.

For security and discretion reasons, it is preferable to communicate via the Signal application. Once installed, contact me with it using my phone number. +33 669 573 664 to confirm your participation and your final agreement with the codes of conduct for our ceremony. I will send you in response all the additional information. This may seem strict to some and I apologize but understand that my priority is your safety 🙂

Obtenir Signal
Psilohuasca aka Psywa for short is a combination of « magic » mushrooms or truffles and Harmala seeds. There is no toxicity and no addiction possible.

Mushrooms/trufles :

It seems that hallucinogenic mushrooms have been used worldwide and date back to the Neolithic period. The latter are increasingly known and used for their therapeutic psychotropic properties. The term psychotropic literally means « who acts, who gives direction » (trope) « to the mind or behavior » (psycho). A psychotropic drug is a substance which acts mainly on the state of the central nervous system by modifying certain biochemical and physiological processes in the brain, without prejudging its capacity to induce dependence phenomena, or its possible toxicity1. By thus modifying the functions of the brain, a psychotropic drug induces changes in perception, sensations, mood, consciousness (altered states of consciousness) or other psychological and behavioral functions.

Harmala Seeds :

Peganum harmala, also called harmal, rue de Syria or rue sauvage is a species of perennial plant in the Zygophyllaceae family, with yellowish-white flowers, it has been used for its many medicinal properties and for rituals for centuries. Rumors make it the Soma or Haoma of the ancient Persians. Thanks to the psychotropic alkaloids contained in these seeds, they can be used just like the Banisteriopsis caapi liana, the bark of which is the major ingredient of the drink called Ayahuasca.

Psilohuasca :

The combination of these 2 plants allows not only to have their respective effects but also it generates a multiplied assimilation of 4-DMT also called the molecule of the soul. DMT is naturally produced in the lungs and by the pineal gland, also known as the epiphysis, especially during near-death experiences. This would have the property of generating an expansion of consciousness.

The practice of Psilohuasca is therapy, healing and inner evolution. It makes it possible to enter into dialogue in a conscious, unconscious, spiritual, cellular and human way with the multiple universes which inhabit us and to reconcile with ourselves. The Psywa is not only a door to multiple consciousnesses, but also a cure for addictions, depression and much more.

– Pregnant women
– Breastfeeding women
– People with health concerns
– People on medication
– People with mental health problems or schizophrenia
– People believe that it’s just a game

The price is 130 € + accommodation costs (30-40 €)

It is possible to pay by check, cash or bank transfer (RIB)

The ceremonies are organized on demand and in general on weekends from Saturday 12 noon to Sunday 12 noon.

– Prepare 4 questions starting with « Why » regarding the problems you want to solve.
– Comfortable light white / gray clothes for the ceremony.
– Warm clothing including socks. Your body temperature may drop overnight.
– Good coverage.
– A cushion that could allow you to lean back.
– Depending on the accomodation type an inflatable mattress or a comfortable floor mat.
– 1 bottle of water.
– A bucket just in case.

Take into account that there will be no bad or good trip during this trip. There will be experience that will make you grow. The more you accept the experience, the better you will feel. The more you resist the less pleasant the experience will be.

In order to do a deep job of introspection plan at least 3 sessions. Your first session will generally be much lighter compared to the following ones. Each session expands your brain and mind to a greater opening for the next session.

One of the big keys to make this journey as smooth as possible is to breathe deeply in the moments that will impress you. Become aware of your breathing as soon as you feel stressed and fill yourself up with oxygen. You will see that the experience will transform instantly and positively. Air is our number one source of energy. During this experience your body can consume a lot of oxygen and if you do not give it enough it may stress and you may be disturbed in your adventure.

Keep in mind that the multiple and rich experiences that you will live are healthy as disturbing as they may perhaps appear: meetings with other consciences, other lives, other dimensions, intense emotions, particular sensations, consciousnesses … Each experience is ephemeral and the trip itself will be around 5 hours and will end serenely and quietly. At the start of the experience it may be that it may seem a little too intense, especially if it is your first time. It is a step of letting go that will not last very long. Be patient and enjoy your adventure because there is nothing else to do anyway 🙂

Keep in mind that there is no danger. Ingestion of Psilohuasca which contains 4-DMT is already produced naturally at a lower dose in your body. Your organism does not suffer from it and even on the contrary will allow it to regulate itself better and to function better afterwards physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. 4-DMT is called the spirit molecule because it is produced in the seat of consciousness of the brain. When you take it you do what is called an expansion of spiritual and physiological awareness. In summary, you develop the intelligence of your mind and body and use your full potential.

It is rare but possible for you to vomit, this is completely normal and without risk. You are entering the purge phase. Your body by its expansion of consciousness makes you evacuate certain negative things. Even if it happens early in the ceremony it won’t change your experience for the rest of the evening.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

For people wishing to discover step by step and gently the psychotropic worlds of psywa, I can offer adapted and lightened dosages.

The healthier your week of preparation before the ceremony, the more enjoyable your experience will be, the healthier your week will be, the more confrontational the experience will be (however the work may be deeper).

Ideally a healthy week would be:

-Be fasted on the day of the ceremony (mandatory)
-Eat rather vegetarian and fresh and organic products.
-Avoid negative emotions through the media, books, music, movies …
-Avoid toxic people
-Meditate daily. This will increase your ability to connect and open up.
-Try to walk at least 30 minutes a day and imagine what could make you happier in your life.

-Let’s get to know
-Discussion circle
-Question round
-Distribution of Rapé
-Circle song
-Voice breathing
-Distribution of seeds
-Relaxation hypnosis
-Distribution of truffles (lights out)
-Travel (Room plunged into darkness)
-Let’s rest or almost
-Breakfast / Cocoa Ceremony and discussion circle

By coming in ceremony you agree to respect all the instructions necessary for the security and the benevolence of our circle and its participants.

Instructions during your domestic journey:

  •  MUTUAL RESPECT: Let us be united despite our shortcomings. Let’s not harshly condemn the other. Let us not let our fears and our wounds damage our ceremony. During our respective exchanges by sms or during our discussions during the ceremony be attentive to politeness and respect for each one because they are the foundations of the harmony of our group. A hello, a smile, a look, to get to know each other by listening and sharing, taking a minimum interest in the other. The more peaceful and caring we are, the deeper and richer our ceremony will be. Avoid conflicts, reproaches, innuendo, prejudices and cut us off. Let us pay special attention to the speaking time we take, let us listen to others as much as to ourselves. During the discussions let’s try to include all the people present in order to generate a circle of people in harmony.
  • INTROSPECTION: Stay as best as you can in silence, without making noise or talking to other participants. Take into account that all the perceptions of all participants are amplified x100. The slightest sound you can make can deeply interfere with your companions’ journey. It is a deep and unique introspection. A laugh, an exclamation, a remark, yawning loudly, clapping in his hands or other noises can affect and disrupt a crucial and fundamental work for the other. You may enter into dialogue with different consciences. Try to do it internally. If this is not possible, whisper as softly as possible. During the ceremony I will be by your side, watch over you and help you. Accept your space for introspection. Lie down or sit on your bed and immerse yourself. The more static you are in meditation, the more you will unite with the treasure that is within you. Don’t get distracted by gestures or physical actions.
  • DO NOT REJECT THE CEREMONY: It is possible that after ingestion of the medicine and sometimes even before the effects are felt that the music seems too loud, that the incense seems too present, that the context ultimately does not not agree, that you would like to leave the ceremony or isolate yourself, that you are too hot or too cold, that you are nauseated. It is a phenomenon that occurs especially for people who have never done a shamanic ceremony. You have to accept the ceremony. Remember that this is therapy and that your unconscious mind can put itself in resistance before taking the plunge. It is a natural step not to be afraid of. Welcome and let go. Do not force yourself to vomit. The nausea will pass. Take a deep breath and keep in mind that in a few hours everything will return to normal and that you will be happy and transformed by this experience.

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions that go through your head I will answer you with pleasure 🙂

The source :

Unlike Ayahuasca, Psywa comes from the lands of Europe which deepens our link with this medicine.

The preparation :

Ayahuasca is boiled and cooked with artificial tools and specific intentions that are not always clear. This human chemical modification makes it, despite its great properties, a modified and influenced natural medicine.

The components of Psywa that are mushrooms / truffles and seeds of Harmala are still living plants when ingested. The fact that they have not been distorted by a particular preparation allows us to be more deeply connected to their nature and their strength.

The effects :

Unlike Aya where it often takes several sessions to meet the plant and see its effects, the Psywa allows us to experience a deep and intense encounter with each shot.


Aya is a feminine energy. The Psywa is made up of Truffles / Mushrooms which are male energy and Harmala seeds which are female energy. This medicine allows us to evolve in a complementary way in our masculine as in our feminine.


Unfortunately victim of its success abroad, the harvests of the plants constituting Ayahuasca contribute more and more to a destruction of the Amazon rain forest depriving the local tribes of their traditional medicines. The preparation of Aya is done by cutting and therefore killing a liana called Banisteriopsis caapi (main ingredient) which must grow between 3 and 10 years to be used. The growing overexploitation for « gringos » does not allow the regrowth of this plant on its natural soil.

For their part, the « fruits » that are the mushrooms / truffles and the seeds constituting the Psywa grow profusely and naturally almost everywhere in Europe and do not require cutting or deforesting, just picking.

The price:

Due to the fact that the ingredients of Psilohuasca are abundant and nearby, this halves the prices of a shamanic / therapeutic session compared to Ayahuasca.


In analytical psychology developed by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of at least two events which are not causal, but whose association takes on meaning for the person who perceives them. Wiki

Strange as it may seem, working with the Psywa usually triggers synchronicities. These coincidences can occur 1 week after and a little more surprising 1 week before the ceremony. During the week before, in addition to the synchronicities (sometimes negative), it is possible that we have funny dreams or that we feel weird, this is completely normal. The depth of the work can act strangely beyond time. Take it into account and accept what is happening in you and around you because it is your share of the work;)

The day after our ceremony you will probably be tired and digesting what happened to you. I recommend that you come into contact with water such as taking a bath, going to a spa or bathing somewhere to regenerate yourself more quickly. Take into account that it is better to plan nothing too physical or too intellectual that day and that you will have to wait about 2 days to feel the full revival of your new energy. Positive synchronicities are likely to occur over the next week. It is also possible for some people (but this is very rare) to get sick 1 or 2 days before starting this energy boost. This is completely normal and is part of the continuity of your transformation. It is also possible that I or other (healthy) entities are present in a dream or next to you at night. This is also normal, we are watching over you 🙂

Here is the playlist of songs that will accompany us and guide us through this journey. It is music or medicine songs. Each of these musics is a message and a language that goes far beyond what one can imagine. It is possible that this kind of music may seem a little too special, but take into account that these titles were chosen precisely for the effects they will have on you during the ceremony and not for their recreational aspects.